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Read, listen and share with your family, friends, and neighbors!

Whether it's in your own book club, at one of our public reads, or at one of the many free lectures, workshops, or facilitated discussions, join the conversation through Oyster River Community Read.

READ ALONG, attend a film or lecture, participate in a workshop, listen to a local panel of experts...  

JOIN in the community conversation.

In partnership with Durham, Madbury, Lee, and Newmarket libraries, ORCR presents:
What We Can Do:
Addressing the Roots and
Acknowledging the Costs of Poverty

In their newest books, Pulitzer Prize winning authors Kingsolver and Desmond explore contemporary poverty, including its roots, the systems that perpetuate it, and ways to overcome it. This winter, learn more about the relationships between poverty and mental health, food and housing insecurity, addiction, and public policy.


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  • Oyster River Community Read
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