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ORCR curates a collection of podcast episodes that align with the themes of our featured books while also offering additional perspectives. We invite you to listen to any or all of the episodes in our curated Podcast Playlists and then join community members for PodChat conversations.


PodChats are learning opportunities for all who participate, and we invite respectful discussion with the shared understanding that we all bring different experiences and levels of familiarity with the issues. Hate speech, harmful language, and uncivil discourse will not be tolerated.

How to Participate

1. Pick the subtopic(s) that interest you.

2. Try to listen to one, some or all of the podcasts on our Playlist(s).

3. Join us for the scheduled PodChat!

March 23rd Cancelled Due to Weather

Each PodChat will depend on the interests and curiosities of the participants. We will have a local expert as well as an ORCR volunteer present to guide conversations as needed. Here are some questions to consider as you listen to the podcasts:

What surprises me?

What is new information for me?

How has my thinking grown or changed?

What did I hear that I’d like to talk about?

How is this relevant to our communities?

What questions do I still have?

March 16    Food Insecurity & Poverty

Listening Options:

(1)  With Liberty and Food Justice For All  by The Environmental Justice Lab

(2)  Combating Food Insecurity-One Meal at a Time: A Conversation with Dion Dawson by Elevating Voices Ending Hunger

(3)  #152 Collaboration Versus Empowerment by Food Dignity

(4)  #154 Major Issues With the Charitable Food System by Food Dignity

(5)  Feeding the Future by Journey to Zero Hunger

March 23   Housing Insecurity & Poverty

Listening Options:

(1) What We Learned From the Deepest Look at Homelessness in Decades by The Ezra Klein Show

(2) #29  Learning from Lived Experience with Toneva Munro by Poverty Unpacked

(3) #22 Trapped In a Hole: The Reality of Life on a Low Income by Poverty Unpacked

(4) The Rent Eats First by Sold Out: Rethinking Housing in America

(5) Evicted: A Suburban Story by Sold Out: Rethinking Housing in America

(6) House of Cards by In Short Supply

April 6   Mental Health & Poverty

Listening Options:

(1) Attachment, Stress, and Bootstraps - The Intersection of Poverty & Mental Health with Dr. Sharon Lambert

by Therapist UNCENSORED

(2) Poverty Touches Not Just Pocketbooks But Mental Health by The Takeaway WNYC Studio

(3) Poverty, Social Class and Mental Health: Toward Knowledge and Awareness with Madeline Clark by Thoughtful Counselor


(4) Poverty and Mental Health by The Diverse Minds Podcasts 


(5) The Power of Relationships by New Hampshire Family NOW

(6) Mobility Mentoring to Navigate the Trauma of Poverty - A Brain Science Based Approach by Poverty Unpacked

April 13   Climate Justice & Poverty

Listening Options:

(1) Climate Change: How can people in poverty be better supported to cope with climate shocks? by Poverty Unpacked

(2) Degrees of Injustice: The Social Inequity of Urban Heat Islands by Living Downstream

(3) Generations in Houston’s Fifth Ward Contend with Cancer, Contamination, and Clusters by Living Downstream

(4) What Does Sustainable Living Look Like? Maybe Like Uruguay by The Daily

(5) What are Sacrifice Zones (Part 1) by The Environmental Justice Lab



Durham Public Library

49 Madbury Road

10:30 am - 11:30 am

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