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We recognize that this is just a beginning list, but it should help you get started!
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Videos and Film

13th Ava DuVernay’s documentary about the history of racial inequality in the United States, particularly the criminal justice system and the story of mass incarceration of African-Americans.

6 Misconceptions About Native American People (Teen Vogue video)

Being 12: on Race Straight talk from middle-schoolers about race and what it's like to grow up in such racially charged times. More from Being 12 series:

Birth of a White Nation, a keynote speech by legal scholar Jacqueline Battalora, offers a blow-by-blow description of the moment the idea of, and word for, “white” people entered U.S. legal code. (36 minutes)

Colorblind: Rethinking Race (2012) conveys the connection between racism’s roots and today’s racially divided society. (82 minutes)

Deconstructing White Privilege with Dr. Robin DiAngelo explores what white privilege is and how it operates above and below the surface. (22 minutes)

I Didn’t Tell You  Ever wonder what a day in the life of a person of color is like? Listen to this poem, written and spoken by Norma Johnson. From a collection she’s developing titled, Poems for My White Friends. (7 minutes)

ID Check, spoken word poem written and performed by Ariel Lucky explores  whiteness, white people, white history, and makes a plea for our (white people’s) souls.

In the White Man’s Image is a look at the Indian Boarding Schools movement. (56 minutes)

My Culture Is Not a Costume (Teen Vogue video)

Race: The Power of an Illusion, a powerful three-part, three-hour film exploring the biology of skin color, the concept of assimilation, and the history of institutional racism.

Racism is Real, a split-screen video depicting the differential in the white/black lived experience. (3 minutes)

The Clark Experiment shows how early ideas of racial inferiority and superiority are internalized by American children. (9 minutes)

The Disturbing History of the Suburbs, an episode from the hit series Adam Ruins Everything. This one explores the roots of racial segregation in housing, lending, and education. (6 minutes)

The Doll Test A psychological experiment designed in the 1940s in the USA to test the degree of marginalization felt by African American children - used again in Europe in 2016 with immigrants. (3 min.)

True Colors, Diane Sawyer’s 1991 PrimeTime Live episode depicting daily life for a black American in contrast to a white American. (7 minutes)

What Kind of Asian Are You? Humorous two minute youtube video that illustrates the utter silliness of the way many white Americans interact with Asian Americans.

What Would You Do: Bicycle Thief Episode ABC TV show that stages a locked up bike being removed by three people: a young white male, a young black male, and a young white female. See how passersby react differently based on gender and race of the “Bicycle Thief.”

White Bred excellent quick intro to how white supremacy shapes white lives and perception. (5 minutes)

White People  MTV 45 minute film exploring what it means to be young and white. Discussion guidelines included.

Videos and Film
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